Why Videosupport.me?

You want to serve your customer directly and with relevant advice.

Videosupport.me is a web based tool, which allows you to set up a live video connection using any smartphone with your customer within in seconds.

By simply sending them an email with a link, a video connection is then automatically set up, no registration or account is needed.

Simple, consistent and direct contact.



Videosupport.me allow us to provide real time solutions

  • Videosupport.me allow us to provide real time engineering solutions and at the same time create a documented event library to support the business’s commercial, quality management and training requirements.
    Graham MooreSales Director, Flamco UK
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Want to see more?

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Applicable everywhere

In every case that seeing a situation helps you to understand your customer and their question better, Videosupport.me adds value. For both the B2B as well as B2C market there are many possible applications for Videosupport.me.

• The ability to assist in the installation of all home appliances as well as identify solutions with technical issues.
• Report car and home damage required for insurance assessments.
• The creation of equipment, service and maintenance agreements to be commissioned, enabling simple and streamlined quotations to be created for both businesses and the consumer.

With so many application area’s it is very likely that you think of a area before we have.


  • Car

  • Home

  • Back end view: Car

  • Back end view: Home

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  • A video call with the best possible image and sound will give you sight of the situation, literally. We bring your eyes and ears to a location without the need to travel.

  • Videosupport.me automatically gathers all sorts of useful data, like the contact information and GPS-location of your customer. Questions like; Where were the most failures? In which area? And with what product? The answers to those questions will help you improve your services and products.

  • During each video call you record any or all of the conversation you like. You can also take screenshots that you may require for your documentation process. The recorded video’s and screenshots will help you to create accurate management information, training material and warranty claims. The system creates a repository of valuable information about both your customer as well as the service(s) you deliver

  • All customer data is stored against individual customer files in a searchable database. In addition, the database will store your own notes or those of a colleague which can be easily tagged to each customer file in order the classify every call. All this information can be downloaded as a PDF which can either be attached to an e-mail, customer quotations, or any other relevant location within the customer file.


• You can stop the subscription any time you want
• All-in one price, no surprises
• Per month per user €99

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Not only does the success of your company depend on your product or service it is also dependant on the quality of your customer service. Are you available? Can you answer the questions quickly and accurately? Videosupport.me makes your customer service personal by enabling face to face contact


Videosupport.me will potentially enable you to realise saving on both cost and time. You see what the customers sees without having to do a site visit. The system enables you to see and listen to the situation and enable swift and precise action to be taken for your customers.


Videosupport.me gives you insights into the trends and developments within your customer segments. How long does a call take? The category of problems, how frequently they occur and for which customers. How do your employees perform against the internal benchmarks you set. This will provide valuable information to enable you to optimise the service you offer.


You create your own flexibility: your location or your customer’s location becomes irrelevant. You are no longer bound by the opening times with which historically you would have visited your customers. Your video connection, allows you to optimise both you and your customers time as efficiently as possible.